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Austin, TX


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Help AGE Raise $15,000 During Amplify Austin


Help AGE Raise $15,000 During Amplify Austin

Ben Leffler

On Monday, March 17th, Austin’s ran an article highlighting the rapid growth of “adult daycare centers” – businesses that help seniors with errands and to get out of the house and interact with others – in the Rio Grande Valley. The article noted that the number of these centers has grown so rapidly that they are actually battling one another for customers, and that Hidalgo County alone is home to 169 adult day care centers. This is juxtaposed to Central Texas, where Austin and Round Rock have only one adult day care center each, and both are run by Austin Groups for the Elderly (AGE) of Central Texas.


The reason for this disparity is funding, as most adult day care centers are primarily funded by Medicaid and a large number of seniors in the Valley use the program. However, this leaves nonprofits such as AGE, which must deal with the higher operating costs in Austin and fewer Medicaid dollars, looking elsewhere for financial support. All while the senior citizen population in Central Texas skyrockets.


While this sounds like a tough situation, one of the easiest ways to help out local seniors is to donate to AGE during Amplify Austin, a 24-hour philanthropy initiative running from 6pm Thursday, March 20th to 6pm Friday, March 21st.  Last year, AGE surpassed its goal of raising $10,000, and this year it hopes to reach $15,000. Any size contribution helps, so please take moment before the weekend to give AGE and Central Texas seniors a boost! Also, stay tuned for an offer from Live Oak Legacies for your generous contribution. 


Thanks, and have a great rest of your week!