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Storyhouse is a story-capture service committed to helping you and your loved ones gather and preserve the memories you hold most dear. Our personal historians conduct in-person interviews at your home or family gathering, then produce timeless videos, books and websites to help you share your stories now and for generations. 





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Tell Your Story During Personal History Awareness Month

Ben Leffler

Anyone who’s been introduced to Live Oak Legacies knows that we believe in the power of personal stories to bring families and communities closer together. By documenting and sharing our most precious and meaningful life experiences, we build stronger connections with those we love and preserve the essence of what makes us who we are. Along the way, we have found many others who share this passion. Still, the concept of capturing and sharing personal stories is still unfamiliar to many, so we try and take every opportunity to share concepts and information to get people talking, writing and sharing with one another.

In this week’s blog we want to take a moment to discuss our favorite Awareness Month. While May has always felt like a time for celebration – the sun is shining, classes are ending, summer is just around the corner – it is also Personal History Awareness Month, which gives us another reason to be excited!

Even as we are saturated with nationally recognized (i.e. Shark WeekHot Tea MonthBe Kind to Spiders Week and Hot Dog Day), the Association of Personal Historians makes a wonderful case why Personal History Awareness Month is different, and we couldn’t agree more. Sharing our lives with friends and family beats spiders and mystery meat any time, at least in our book, but what do you think? We’d love to hear how you plan to celebrate Personal History Awareness Month with your family in the comments section.

Have a great rest of the week, and get out there and share your story!

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Live Oak Legacies Love Stories

Kathryn Gonzales

There was much to celebrate in the way of love this month: Black History and American Heart Month, World Marriage Day and, of course, Valentine's Day. Live Oak Legacies interviewed some of our favorite couples to honor feelings of amore and appreciation February tends to ignite and to set in motion a wave of storytelling that will last throughout the year. 

Ask your parents and grandparents how they met. Then, let Live Oak Legacies help you capture that priceless story and preserve it forever. "Don't take each other for granted." -Chita Villanueva

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