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Storyhouse is a story-capture service committed to helping you and your loved ones gather and preserve the memories you hold most dear. Our personal historians conduct in-person interviews at your home or family gathering, then produce timeless videos, books and websites to help you share your stories now and for generations. 



Amarillo by Morning - How TAMI Digitizes Your Videos For Free in Exchange for Preserving Texas History


Amarillo by Morning - How TAMI Digitizes Your Videos For Free in Exchange for Preserving Texas History

Kathryn Gonzales

Our good friends over at the Texas Archive of the Moving Image (TAMI) hit the road to Amarillo, Texas tomorrow morning on a mission to gather and preserve as many films and videos as possible during their Film Round-Up event. Live Oak Legacies is a proud patron of TAMI’s high-quality digitization and curation services and huge supporters of their aim to protect Texas’ media heritage, so we hope you’ll help us spread the word and help make their trip a huge success!

The Texas Film Round-Up is a collaboration between the TAMI and the Texas Film Commission (TFC) that travels to different regions in Texas to collect Texas-related home movies, educational films, advertisements, local television, and other films and videos. TAMI sets up a film and video drop-off point for the community, then brings these films and videos back to Austin where they inventory the materials, provide minor cleaning and repairs if necessary, and digitize the films, then return them to the donor free of charge. In exchange for the free digitization service, the donor grants TAMI permission to use a digital copy of their films for educational purposes.

On this trip, TAMI is looking for all kinds of films and videos from the Panhandle. “We believe that home movies are great historical documents of Texas culture,” TAMI’s founder, Caroline Frick says, “so we would be happy to have family films or videos of backyard barbecues, parades on Main Street, or any other community event.”  TAMI is also interested in acquiring old television commercials, educational films, or old silent films of Texas. One great example are the films of Melton Barker ( – an itinerant filmmaker from Texas who traveled around the country producing “Our Gang” style films with local children from each community and even shot two in Amarillo, Texas.

In an effort to further connect with the community, TAMI is also hosting an event at the Tascosa Drive-In Theater on June 20. They will present a 15 minute curated reel that features historical footage of the Panhandle, including a 1916 Charles Goodnight film, 1930s Dustbowl coverage, home movies, newsreels, and more.“We love getting to know a new region, visiting local sites and attractions, talking to people in the community about our work and about their town, and we love the opportunity to share our films with fellow Texans!” says Madeline Moya, Curator at TAMI.  It's great to learn about a local culture and then see it come full circle in the materials that are donated to our archive.”

TAMI’s commitment to Texas film preservation stems from the fact that films, videos and even DVD’s are fragile and impermanent and typically deteriorate in 30 years or less. The program’s complex process of preventative practices will not only extend the life of the artifacts, but also provide digital back-ups so that the past will be accessible to current and future generations. “Texans have recorded their lives, and subsequently, cultural history, on film since the 1890s,” Frick says. “Many people do not understand the value of their home movies as historical records that document the social history of the 20th-21st century, telling the story of our lives from the people’s perspective.”

Whether or not you live in Amarillo, if you are a Texan or have Texas-related footage, you can make use of TAMI’s complimentary digitization services. Contact the team at or visit for more info and click HERE to watch their wonderful demo reel!