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Austin, TX


Storyhouse is a story-capture service committed to helping you and your loved ones gather and preserve the memories you hold most dear. Our personal historians conduct in-person interviews at your home or family gathering, then produce timeless videos, books and websites to help you share your stories now and for generations. 




What We Do

Let us tell your FAMILY story.

Each client we've served said they've been thinking about capturing their mom/dad/grandma/grandpa's stories for years, but never got around to it. Often, it's because they don't know where to start or would rather spend the limited time they have with that person spending quality time together, not figuring out how to capture great audio or scanning photos.

Storyhouse's personal historians are passionate about helping each family gather the stories that matter most to them. We've found that working with the family to ensure that we ask all of the right questions is key and that having a third party conduct the interview can often illicit some surprising stories the family may not have been able to extract otherwise. 



Our Portrait Book service is designed for families who wish to capture their loved ones stories as a tangible product they can physically display now and pass down through the generations. This service starts with an in-person audio interview with one of our personal historians and results in a custom large format Legacy Book and a PDF version of the book delivered on a thumb drive.

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Our Portrait Video service is perfect for families who wish to honor a loved one with a service which captures their stories, brings them to life with supplemental photos and documents and makes them available for generations to come. This service starts with an in-person interview with one of our personal historians and results in a custom Portrait Video and interview reference library delivered on DVD and an external drive.

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Let Storyhouse help you gather your love story so you can share it on your special day and for generations to come. We offer anniversary and wedding Love Story Books & Videos that will bring your stories to life on the day of the event. We also offer Story Booth service to help you gather stories from family & friends at the event itself. Our Love Story Album service helps you take your story and photos from your event and turn them into heirloom items. 

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Family Recipe PRINTS

We are offering limited-edition Heirloom Recipe Prints. Gather your favorite photo of Grandma Nora, along with her famous enchilada recipe and we will turn it into a beautiful piece of art. Save on multiple prints because we imagine several people in your family would love to have a copy of this recipe hanging in their kitchen!

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